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Transforming Electrical Management One Feature at a Time

Explore the power of OneLine Software, engineered with a suite of robust features to enhance and streamline your electrical management process. From comprehensive digital one-line diagrams to detailed equipment information storage and embedded panel schedules, our platform encapsulates a world of possibilities. Dive in and discover how each feature can elevate your electrical management experience.

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Auto One-Line Diagrams

Let the software do the heavy lifting. OneLine Software automatically draws diagrams based on your data, providing a detailed visual representation of where all equipment is fed from and feeds to.

Software automatically generates detailed one-line diagrams
Interactive visual representation of equipment connections
Effortlessly identify and trace the power sources of any selected equipment through our software’s highlighting feature
Access your electrical one-lines anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based platform
Feature Panel Schedule

Online Panel Schedules

Efficiently manage panel schedules directly within our software. Understand where each circuit leads, view schedules online, and print them as needed.

Keep track of where each circuit leads with ease
Online viewing and printing capabilities
Overcome the space constraints of physical panels with extensive description fields, allowing detailed, comprehensive notes for each circuit.
Efficiently manage and update panel schedules as changes occur
Features Documents

Document Storage

Save and access additional information about each piece of equipment effortlessly. From manufacturer specs to electrician notes, shutdown procedures, and more, keep all vital data just a click away.

Store crucial documents like manufacturer specs, electrician notes, arc flash studies, pictures, shut down procedures and many more
Rapid access to information aids in equipment servicing and shutdown procedures
Improve safety compliance with easy access to important data
Centralized storage for all vital equipment information
Data Entry

Easy Data Entry

Capture all the critical details about your electrical equipment with our user-friendly data entry system. With OneLine Software, anyone can input data, making the task of keeping your one-lines up-to-date as simple as can be. As you enter the data, our software does the rest, automatically generating your one-line diagrams.

One-line diagrams are auto-generated as data is entered, reducing manual work
Minimal training required – designed for intuitive use by anyone
Enter equipment type, location, power source, branch, voltage, and more
An electrician servicing an electric panel that has a QR code on its side

QR Code Integration

Equip your team with the power to access information rapidly. Print and place QR codes on equipment for quick and easy access to pertinent information.

Enhance your team’s efficiency and productivity and rapidly access information by scanning QR codes on panels or equipment
Customize privacy settings to control the depth of information revealed via QR code scanning, providing comprehensive data to registered users while limiting access to public information for others
A color coded one-line

Color-Coded Equipment View

Enjoy an intuitive, color-coded view of your equipment to easily identify the branch it belongs to. Make your management more efficient and less prone to errors.

Easily identify equipment branches with color coding
Toggle branches on and off to view just the branch of the one-line you want to see
Simplify your workflow with color-assisted data visualization
View and print color coded safety information cards
Electricians examining a blueprint

As-Builts Always Up-to-Date

With OneLine Software, your as-built drawings and associated information are never out of date, providing an accurate, real-time snapshot of your facility’s electrical system. Our platform supports effortless data updating, ensuring the latest and most precise information is readily available.

Immediate accessibility to real-time updates for your electrical one-line diagrams and related data
Intuitive interface supports straightforward data updating
Reduces the risk of depending on outdated or incorrect as-builts
Image Portraying Data Security

Data Security

Rest easy knowing your information is secure with OneLine Software. Our cloud-based platform prioritizes the safety of your data, implementing advanced security measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your information. Regular backups are made to prevent data loss, providing an additional layer of protection.

Reliable cloud-based storage offers accessibility without compromising security
Regular automated backups ensure your data is safe and recoverable
Strict access controls prevent unauthorized data manipulation
Compliance with global data protection regulations for complete peace of mind
Two electricians working on an electrical panel

Multi-User Access

Facilitate teamwork with multi-user access capabilities. Set different access levels, allowing team members to view or edit information based on their roles and responsibilities.

Facilitate teamwork with multi-user access to the software
Different access levels provide security and control
Enhance collaboration while maintaining data integrity

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